Private Transportation Arranged By Us Our concierge arranges transportation service for you in advance so they will know what time to be there to pick you up. Our driver will be waiting outside the exit of the airport with a sign saying your name. Roundtrip transportation for up to 10 costs $180 USD. Click here to request transportation.

In the taxi world, Playacar is considered to be another zone so you will find rates to/from Playacar are higher to anywhere in Playa itself. If you walk a few hundred yards, past the Playacar gate on 10th Ave into Playa, a taxi should cost you less. Otherwise from the driveway, a cab ride to Walmart (for example) will be approximately $5.00 usd (50 pesos).

Taxis are plentiful everywhere. If you get one from a specific taxi line, they will cost more than flagging one down off the street. You should be able to stand at the end of the driveway and one will come along very soon. Always negotiate your price (they are meant to be fixed prices!) before getting in.

These are white 12 seater vans that cruise the highway all day north and south the locals mode of taxi transport. Many tourists like to use these too as they are very cheap, and immerse you into traveling very locally! Generally speaking, you can stand out on the highway and flag one of these vans down, and so long as there is room inside they will let you on. You may be squished in with more than 12 people and chickens some days!

The Ado Bus is great! Clean, comfy, A/C, washroom, movie what more could you ask for?! And very reasonably priced. The bus station is located on 5th Ave and Juarez right opposite Scotia Bank/McDonald's next to the square where the little white church is. Just go in and enquire at the ticket counter if and when the bus goes to where you want to go and price. You can purchase tickets a day in advance also advisable to do if you are bussing it back to the airport to secure a seat. Playa to Aeropuerto is $9.00 usd (90 pesos) which is expensive. Playa Cancun is $3.50 usd (35 pesos).

Renting A Car
If you really want to rent a car (see Mexican Driving Tip below), use Avis or Europacar. But we must warn you that that although they bear the same company name they are not affiliated with the companies we know in the U.S. Car rental companies are a royal pain, especially when you arrive. Our recommendation is always to use the Transportation service provided by the Elements, then rent a car in Playa Del Carmen. The concierge at the Elements, can have it all handled much easier and cheaper for you once you arrive in Playa del Carmen.

Mexican Driving Tips 101!!
Drive defensively!!! To be even more direct, if you don't absolutely have to drive, DO NOT! Scooters and motor bikes will drive up beside you with out warning. People down here use the shoulder as another lane. Passing practice dictates that you move over onto the shoulder to let cars go by. People use their 4 way emergency flashers to indicate that they are slowing down to turn or pulling off the highway, or simply because they want to have them on!

Taking a Tour
If you book a tour, one of the main pick up points is Plaza Antigua. Near the Cozumel Ferry dock and South end of 5th Avenue, but be sure to ask as many tour companies will pick you up at the Elements directly.




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